The Wattle League
Foundation's first project

With your help, The Wattle League Foundation will establish Wattle House – transitional supported accommodation for returned ADF personnel. Wattle House will provide access to a comprehensive therapeutic and peer support program that includes both group activities and individual support. Case management will facilitate linkages to specific in-house and external programs.

Once established, Wattle House will bridge what is now widely recognised as the missing link in the recovery of returned ex service members dealing with the psychological impacts of their service, beyond hospitalisation, medication and day programmes. Wattle House will deliver transitional supports via tailored case management within a tranquil residential setting, helping veterans to achieve renewed purpose, and giving them a better chance to reconnect with family and community.

Some supports and therapies will be accessed on-site, with others off-site. We know each veteran’s needs will be unique, so their program of services will vary.

The peer support amongst Wattle House’s residing cohort will be an invaluable element unique to the facility - friends helping friends to achieve their chosen goals on a road to long-term recovery.

The battles our ADF Veterans face after coming home: In the last 20 years, more than 45,000 Australians have served in peacekeeping operations and in areas of conflict in East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq. Thousands of those veterans are currently living with a mental health illness or will experience a mental health illness once they return home.

Common mental health problems experienced amongst our veterans include: depression, anxiety, substance abuse problems and trauma and stressor-related disorders (such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
Help us build a better future for our veterans.
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Wattle House will deliver supports for our veterans, many of whom experience depression, anxiety, homelessness, substance abuse, trauma and stressor-related disorders (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

You can help us build a better future for our veterans.